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  • Julian Warner (Australia)
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    2003 PLATFORMS

    Guy & Rosy Lillian

    ROSE-MARIE LILLIAN grew up with Arthur Clarke, Robert Heinlein and John Campbell -- as guests in her home. Her father, writer Joseph Green, worked for NASA, and hosted fabulous Apollo launch parties for the SF world. GUY LILLIAN's true distinction is his marriage to Rosy, but he also publishes the Hugo-nominated fanzine CHALLENGER, has served as Southern Fandom Confederation President and been awarded DeepSouthCon's Rebel Award. Both thrill at the chance to export American fannishness downunder. ROSY will bring beauty, wit, class, charm and charisma to her 2003 DUFF duties. GUY will climb Hanging Rock, and bring you down a scrap of calico.

    Previous Australasian Travel: "Neither Guy nor Rosy has been to Australia before - which makes their DUFF candidacy all the more exciting for them both."

    Nominators: North American -- Gregory Benford, Teddy Harvia & Diana Thayer, Steven Silver Australasian -- Bruce Gillespie, Alan Stewart

    Mike & Linda McInerney

    43 years in fandom, more than 100+ fanzines pubbed, yet still have a burning desire to meet more fans. Credentials? Published Focal Point (with rich brown), SFFF & HKLPLOD/ Founder-host FIStfA (biweekly NYC fanclub 1965-1975)/ member 1967 NYCON Worldcon Committee/ co-creator (with Van Arnam, Porter, etc) of APA F - first WEEKLY APA/ Past - Fanoclasts, N3F, N'APA, SAPS, Lunarians, ESFA/ Current - TimeBinders, MemoryHole, Trufen/ Married Linda, Halloween 1972. She helps publish my zines, balances the checkbook, and has attended Worldcons (70's & 80's), Westercons, and Corflus/ "We got to Fight for the Right to Party" with the Wildest Kingdom of Oz, the fans! Got Victoria Bitters? In Perth?

    Previous Australasian Travel: "We spent 10 wonderful days at Eastertime in 1989 in Sydney & Brisbane where we trekked through Bina Burra (rain forest), gambled at Jupiter's Casino (Gold Coast), held koalas (Lone Pine Sanctuary) and gazed in awe at Tasmanian devils, wombats, fruit bats, and platypi, oh my!"

    Nominators: North American -- Lee Hoffman, Ted White, Joyce Scrivner. Australasian -- Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber, Rose Mitchell.

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    Voting was fairly heavy, with a total of 170 valid ballots cast, 138 in North America and 32 in Australasia. Of these, 158 voters expressed a preference. Guy and Rosy Lillian received 101 first place votes, giving them the outright majority needed to win on the first ballot. Mike and Linda McInerney polled a very respectable 58 first place votes. The remainder was split between Hold Over Funds (1), No Preference (12), and Write In (1 - for Harry Warner, Jr.)


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