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    2004 PLATFORMS

    Norman Cates

    I love the written word and visual media. As a fan it's been my privilege to set up the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand and the Sir Julius Vogel awards. I've chaired two National Conventions, and worked on many committees and I'm active in various clubs, including amateur theatrics. For the last five years I've worked on the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) trilogy - first with prosthetics and now in digital post-production.

    Sharing my amazing experiences on LOTR and exchanging ideas on SF and fandom at a WorldCon would be the icing on the cake!

    Previous travel outside Australia: Spent a 'little time' in the US with parents when nine years old!

    Nominators: NA nominators -- Julie E. Czerneda, Janice Gelb; ANZ nominators -- Sean McMullen, Matthew Pavletich, Kevin Maclean

    Erika Maria Lacey

    One bag to the USA, slung over a shoulder as I waltz through airport, con, street alike. I've stared forlornly to the East since knowing fandom existed, wanting to meet those corresponded with and read about. I've edited the semi-prozines Harbinger and Winedark Sea, produced numerous apazines, and maintain a fannish online journal. Madly passionate for crafts, bicycling and SF, I make for a rather gung-ho cyclist riding the streets, sewing with one hand and reading with the other. No, not really. Collections in all three increase ... and shall add fans to the mix.

    Previous travel outside Australia: No fannish travel outside of Australia.

    Nominators: NA nominators -- Arthur D. Hlavaty, Dave Weingart; ANZ nominators -- Bruce Gillespie, Kim Huett, David Cook

    Danny Oz (nee Heap)

    G'day, I'm an ex-drover (cowboy) and a *very* Australian fan. I've been in fandom for 25 years, been involved with various conventions, edited a Ditmar award-winning fanzine and twice been a guest at Swancon. I'm probably best known for co-hosting the Aussiecon 3 Masquerade, where I did "Effects from the Matrix" live.

    Currently I produce column called Fandom Is my Life for the MSFC newsletter and I'm attempting to kickstart a yearly regional con in Melbourne.

    If I win I'm hoping I'll manage to do a road-trip of the USA, so I can see the country and meet the people.

    Previous travel outside Australia: Went to the Worldcon in Scotland in 1995 and travelled around the UK.

    Nominators: NA nominators -- Mike Glyer, Pat and Roger Sims; ANZ nominators -- Marc Ortlieb, Justin Ackroyd, Robin Johnson

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    By a final vote of 53 to 46, NORMAN CATES has been elected the 2004 DUFF delegate from Australia/New Zealand to Noreascon 4, the World Science Fiction Convention.

    Danny Oz (nee Heap) was the second place finisher.

    Again, hooray for Norman Cates, and thanks for a superb turnout.


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