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  • Guy and Rosy Lillian (North America)
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    2005 PLATFORMS

    Chris Barkley

    After being active in Fandom for nearly 29 years, as a convention attendee, con worker, media relations specialist for Worldcons, fan writer and activist, it would be an immense pleasure and honor to serve as North American DUFF delegate to Australiaís national convention and share my various experiences with them and bring back some great ones to share as well. In addition to my own report, I also pledge to write and edit a compendium of all of the DUFF reports into a comprehensive history, the profits of which can be applied to future DUFF endeavors to both continents.

    Previous travel to Australia: No previous Australian travel.

    Nominators: NA nominators -- Maxy Pertuit, Johnny Carruthers, Michael Walsh; ANZ nominators -- Terry Frost, Stephen Dedman

    Joe Siclari

    Iíve pubbed my ishs, worked a couple of hundred conventions, chaired a bunch including MagiCon, been an active clubfan, even started some, without losing my fannish enthusiasm. I collect fannish paraphernalia, so much that there have been wifely threats - but itís fanhistory! I want to meet fen, hear fannish stories, swap tales and learn more about Australia. If selected, my experience will help me keep DUFF strong. I promise lots of photos in my report so everyone will know who Iím slandering writing about. And for better or worse, I must be candid - I helped instigate the Australia in 2010 Worldcon bid.

    Previous travel to Australia: No previous Australian travel.

    Nominators: NA nominators -- Janice Gelb, Roger and Pat Sims, Geri Sullivan; ANZ nominators -- Eric Lindsay, Stephen Boucher

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                      Australasia	US    Total
    Chris Barkley 		 2	17	19
    Joe Siclari		 8	57	65
      Earl Kemp		 1	 -	 1
    No Preference		 -	 1	 1
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    		 	11      75      86
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Joe Siclari achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

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