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    2008 PLATFORMS

    Steve & Sue Francis

    We are entering our names as candidates for the DUFF selection to continue our goal of making new friends wherever we go, and a second trip to Australia would provide an excellent opportunity to do so. We have each attended 300+ conventions, including chairing 18 RiverCons. Our experiences in running and working on many conventions have made us aware of convention organization and what is involved in administering and raising funds for charitable organizations. Whatever your choice, please cast your vote!

    Nominators: North America: Pat Molloy & Naomi Fisher, Pat & Roger Sims, James Briggs & Sandra Childress; Australasia: Stephen Boucher & Janice Gelb

    Murray Moore

    Being Canadian I can spell Australian. With pen, paper, camera, and Tilley underwear I will spend time with fans in homes, pubs, and cafes, and, oh yeah, attend the NatCon. I want to meet the descendants of my master criminal English relative who stole a loaf of bread. Meeting fans who I know from my membership in ANZAPA would be cool. I might copy Julian Warner and sleep in a kimono. I have read Greg Egan and the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volume 2. I will try to like vegemite; I said try.

    Previous Australasian Travel: None.

    Nominators: North Americica: Mike Glicksohn, Hope Leibowitz, Lloyd & Yvonne Penney; Australasia: Bruce Gillespie, Jean Weber.

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    Congratulations to Steve and Sue Francis! They have won the 2008 Down Under Fan Fund.

    They will attend Swancon 2008, the 47th Australian National Convention and the 33rd annual West Australian Science Fiction Convention.

    We had well over 200 ballots this race - that's a pretty good show of interest for DUFF.

    Total Ballots Received: 218

    Votes for Sue & Steve Francis: 161
    Votes for Murray Moore: 48
    No Preference: 2
    Other: 5

    We would like to thank Jean Weber for setting up the first online voting site for DUFF. It allowed fans to vote right up to the very end of the deadline. And thanks also to Jack Weaver for making the ballot and the results available at the FANAC Fan History Website ( We received 38 votes online. A detailed voting breakdown is below.

    The Australasia Administer Norman Cates and I know they will have a great time greeting old friends and meeting new friends.

    Joe Siclari

    Down Under Fan Fund 2008 Vote Totals & Analysis

    Total Ballots Received: 218
    Votes for Sue & Steve Francis: 163
    Votes for Murray Moore: 48
    No Preference: 2
    Other: 5

    Two people received 3rd place write-in nominations: Andy Hooper & Dick Spelman.

    Joe Siclari, DUFF North American Administrator, received 177 ballots
    Francis: 142
    Moore: 28
    No Pref: 2
    Donation only or No vote indicated/counted: 5

    Norman Cates, DUFF Australasia Administrator, received 41 ballots
    Francis: 21
    Moore: 20

    Voting Analysis:
    16 Australasian votes (1 to Siclari + 15 to Cates) Francis: 11, Moore: 5
    193 North American votes (175 to Siclari + 18 to Cates)

    185 ballots from United States of America (168 to Siclari + 17 to Cates)
    15 ballots from Australia (1 to Siclari + 14 to Cates)
    8 ballots from Canada (7 to Siclari + 1 to Cates)
    7 ballots from UK (7 to Cates)
    1 ballot from New Zealand
    1 ballot from Holland (1 to Cates)
    1 ballot from Sweden (1 to Siclari)

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