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    2009 PLATFORMS


    Nominators: AUS (Justin Ackroyd, Cathy Cupitt, Bill Wright), NA (Naomi Fisher and Patrick Molloy, Ivy Smith)

    Fannish Highlights: Concom for two WA cons. Reinvigorated the local art show. Co-edited the first feminist SF zine in Australia. Currently on Australian SF Foundation. National Australian Fan Fund delegate in 2002. Have continued NAFF fundraising. Fan guest at Swancon 2004. Marg Hughes award for significant contribution to WA fandom in 2005.

    Interests? Art, character-based SF&F, medieval history, slash fiction, social justice.

    Previous US visits? 72 hours in Detroit in the 1990s (!)

    Qualities as a delegate? Sociability, organisation and fundraising.

    Anything else? I will bring, at my own expense, my fifteen-month-old girl, Margaret. My sincere thanks to Anticipation for providing child-minding facilities.


    Nominators: AUS (Robin Johnson, Grant Stone, Bruce Gillespie), NA (Robert Lichtman, Gay Haldeman)

    Born in Chicago, a twister carried me to the magical land of Oz at the age of 10. Raised by quokkas, I discovered fandom at early SwanCons in Perth. Was a midwife at the birth of Susan Calvin (1982). Began Mumblings from Munchkinland the only West Australian fanzine ever published in Pakistan, Tasmania, the South Pacific or (currently) Canberra in 1989. Organised the first regional sf con held in Samoa (2002). Im fascinated by fan and pro sf history and the father of three avid Dr Who fans. Id love to compare Canadian, US and Australian fandoms firsthand and make many new friends. Previous North American con: OmniCon IV (Florida, 1983).


    Nominators: AUS (Danny Oz, Sue Ann Barber, Damien Warman), NA (Randy Byers, Colin Hinz)

    David Cake! Grant Watson! Only 100 words! Go!

    David Cake! 39 years old! Fan since 1988! Knows weird things! Never been to Canada! Natcon Business Meeting addict! Online rights activist! Owns a theremin and too many books!

    Grant Watson! 32 years old! Fan since 1990! Five Ditmar Awards! Edits fanzines! Makes own comics! Has never been to a convention outside Australia! Actor, writer, playwright!

    Together! Run conventions! Operate fan clubs! Edit small press magazine! Many panels! Beer! Party! Love SF in all media!

    We promise we make more sense than this in person, but we've only got 100 words to-


    Nominators: AUS (Julian Warner, Murray McLachlan, Juliette Woods), NA (Joe Siclari, Lloyd and Yvonne Penney)

    I've been in fandom more years than I care to recollect (but those born the year I started like to remind me they are old enough to vote now).

    I've helped run conventions, clubs and fanzines too numerous to mention. I've attended many more.

    You may remember me as the rum wielding Aussie at Interaction in 2005 (or if you had some of the rum, you may not.) You may have seen me in the pages of that steadfast Aussie fanzine, Ethel the Aardvark. (If not, subscribe now! ) I am currently helping to raise Fandom, the Next Generation. Oh, and helping with some little Natcon thingie.

    I'm looking forward to brushing off my French and catching up with friends old and new, to share in some fun (and perhaps some of that rum). And I look forward to playing host again when people come down under for a visit in 2010. I will be accompanied by my 9 mth old son, Joshua.

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    Good morning, afternoon, evening, depending on your definition of time...

    With no further ado, Norman Cates and Steve and Sue Francis would like to announce that the winner of DUFF 2009, travelling from Australasia to Canada, is:

    Emma Hawkes

    Congratulations Emma!

    And thank you to the other candidates who ran. It was a good race, and we really appreciate everyone being willing to stand.

    - Administrators' announcement, May 2009

    A total of 85 votes were received. 50 from Australia, 30 from USA, 4 from Canada and 1 from Germany.

    ROUND	         1	 2	 3
    Emma Hawkes	37	37	45
    Chris Nelson	17	18	20
    David Cake and
    Grant Watson	17	17	17
    Alison Barton	12	12	 x
    Hold Over	 2	 x	 x
    No Pref		 0	 
    Write In	 0	 
    		--	--	--
    		85	84	82
    Emma achieved an outright majority on the third round. 
    Vote Placements	1st	2nd	3rd	4th	5th	6th	7th
    Emma Hawkes	37	20	12	4			
    Chris Nelson	17	11	18	18	1		
    David Cake and
    Grant Watson	17	23	12	13	2	1	
    Alison Barton	12	19	21	17			
    Hold Over	2	1	2	6	10	6	
    No Pref	        0	1	4	0	10	6	
    Write In	0	0	0	0	0	0	3
    North America							
    Vote Placements	1st	2nd	3rd	4th	5th	6th	7th
    Emma Hawkes	9	9	5	3			
    Chris Nelson	9	5	9	6			
    David Cake and
    Grant Watson	7	5	7	7			
    Alison Barton	9	10	4	6			
    Hold Over	0	0	2	1	4	2	
    No Pref  	0	1	3	0	2		
    Write In							
    Vote Placements	1st	2nd	3rd	4th	5th	6th	7th
    Emma Hawkes	27	11	7	1			
    Chris Nelson	8	6	9	11	1		
    David Cake and
    Grant Watson	10	13	4	6	2	1	
    Alison Barton	3	8	17	11			
    Hold Over	0	0	0	0	0	4	
    No Pref 	0	0	1	0	8	6	
    Write In							3
    Rest of the World							
    Vote Placements	1st	2nd     3rd     4th	5th	6th	7th
    Emma Hawkes	1	0	0	0			
    Chris Nelson	0	0	0	1			
    David Cake and
    Grant Watson	0	0	1	0			
    Alison Barton	0	1	0	0			
    Hold Over							
    No Pref							
    Write In	

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