2011 DUFF Update

Published by Emma Hawkes, in September 2011



This is a quick update from Emma Hawkes, lucky 2009 DUFFer. This update is to let you know about the progress of fundraising in Australia since 2009 and to also give you a more detailed break down of the results of the 2011 DUFF race. My DUFF report is still available in hard copy. Email me at ehawkes at iinet.net.au for details. Or I can send you a PDF electronically. Also, there is a visual diary that you can get electronically. Again, email me and Iíll send it through to you.

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Voting in the 2011 DUFF Race

First Preferences
Hold Over 1
No Preference 9
Write In 1
Dave Cake 80
Paula McGrath 57

Total Preferences
Dave Cake - 80 first preferences, 33 second preferences, 1 third preference, 1 fourth preference
Paula McGrath - 57 first preferences, 44 second preferences, no third or fourth preferences

Regional Variations in Voting
Dave Cake 69 Australasian first preferences, 11 American first preferences
Paula McGrath 33 Australasian first preferences, 24 American first preferences

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Australian Fund Raising

Hereís a summary of fundraising in Australia since 2009:

Sale of art at Anticipation in 2009 - $31
Votes for 2010 in Australia - $1058 of which $198 was Paypal, the remainder in cash/ cheques
Sale of DUFF report - $76.20
Auction at Swancon 2010 - $104
Reward for early report - $500
Nomination Fees for 2011 race - $50
Auction at Minicon 2011 - $41.50
2011 votes - $1,025 Of which $355 was Paypal, the remainder was cash/cheques*
Swancon 2011 art show - $8
Swancon 2011 auction - $214

So, the voting is the main way to take money in, with the reward for the early submission of the report as a lucrative plus on the report writing.

Itís kind of hard to see what sells well in auctions. At the Swancon 2011 auction, a fantasy anthology signed by Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling and Neil Gaiman went for a mere $16 while an unsigned short story collection by Shaun Tan went for $70 (though 2010 was Shaun Tanís year).

* For a comparison, US$435 was donated in the 2011 in North America.

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