DUFF Results

DUFF Will Hold Over Funds
by John Hertz and David Cake

This year's Down Under Fan Fund voting was counted on June 1, 2012, Pacific Daylight Time, by John Hertz the North America Administrator and David Cake the Australia - New Zealand Administrator.

Founded in 1972, and supported by donations from all over the world, DUFF each year votes for a delegate from NA to ANZ, or the other direction, in alternate years. Anyone active in fandom may vote.

The 2012 candidates were Juanita Coulson of the United States and Murray Moore of Canada. Moore in his platform urged voters to choose Hold Over Funds and said he would not go if elected.

The decision was clear from first-choice votes. Counting lower choices was not needed.

Hold Over Funds received 38 first-choice NA votes + 19 ANZ. Coulson received 24 first-choice NA votes + 1 ANZ. Moore received 11 first-choice NA votes + 2 ANZ.

Funds will be held over. No delegate will be sent in 2012.

Each Administrator received some out-area votes (e.g. Britain) which are included in the totals above.

A more detailed report will follow.

John Hertz
(via Marty Cantor)

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