1 June 1979

As published by Paul J Stevens in June 1979.

It is with mixed feelings that I have to announce that the 1980 DUFF race which was to have featured Keith Curtis and Jack Herman has to be declared null and void. The reason for this is Keith Curtis's failure to comply with the terms of the DUFF rules. Originally Australian nominations were to close at EASTERCON 1979 but I was asked to extend this date to 1 May due to the fact that neither Keith Curtis nor a Western Australian fan had yet managed to get their American nominations. By 1 May I had heard nothing from Western Australia and Keith Curtis had told me via the telephone he did have his North American nominations and promised to forward them at once. I received his nominations a week ago but at the date of writing this I still have not got his platform. In order to be fair to the Western Australian fan I MUST DECLARE KEITH A NON-RUNNER.

Now under normal conditions this should give Jack Herman a straight unopposed win, but after consultation with Jack he has advised he doesn't want to win under these circumstances and has withdrawn from the race. We therefore have no one standing for the 1980 DUFF race. We have a slight problem, don't we?

No we don't! All you panting fans out there who lust after an all-fares paid DUFF trip to Boston in August/September 1980 can now think about the possibility of nominating. Come along to SYNCON '79 complete with your North American nominators as well as your Australian nominators and I will see what I can do about getting DUFF 1980 on the road.

The future of DUFF will be under discussion at SYNCON and it is hoped to be able to work out a simple constitution and set up an administration so that the previous winners are not stuck with all the work.

By the time you read this the winner(s) of the 1979 DUFF race will have been announced. So far Australian fans have given us 57 votes and the result is VERRY INTERRRESTING! On hand in the USA is about $1500 and about $900 plus here. With so much surplus I intend to have DUFF badges, T-shirts and posters available for sale at SYNCON. All DUFF material will have the new DUFF wombat logo as designed by Chris Johnston. Books and fanzines will also be on sale as well as the usual great Rotsler badges.

Paul J Stevens, Australian Administrator: 1 June 1979

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