The DUFFinite Article #1

1 April 1995

As published by Alan Stewart.
NB: all addresses could well be out of date.


Pat and Roger Sims of Cincinnati won the 1995 DUFF election by a wide margin. They will receive DUFF funds toward a trip to Australia and attendance at Thylacon, the 1995 Australian National Convention, June 10 through 12, in Hobart, Tasmania, and then take up the reins of DUFF administration in North America.

Pat and Roger are both longtime active fans whose tenure dates back to 1962 and 1949 respectively. Roger helped to chair the 1959 Worldcon, Detention, and was one of the hosts of the infamous Room 770 party during Nolacon I in 1951. He publishes what may be fandom's oldest and most irregular fanzine, Fantasy-Scope. Pat keeps Roger in line, runs great parties and con suites, writes occasional fanzine articles and is the mainstay of the Cincinnati Fantasy Group and Midwestcon.

Australasian fandom can expect one of fandom's friendliest and likeable couples. As a bonus they will be getting, for example, Harlan's room-mate when they were both young fans. The Simses expect to be travelling in Australia and New Zealand for about 2? weeks, and hope to meet as many fans as possible during that time. They have rashly promised a trip report by the end of 1995.

Pat and Roger vied with Nancy Tucker and Lucy Schmeidler in the 1995 race. With 90 votes, they held the majority of first-place votes, so votes were not distributed. Nancy Tucker received 44 votes, Lucy Schmeidler, 19. Two first-place write-in votes w ere entered, for Fred Ecks and Teddy Harvia. Three voters preferred to hold over funds and 15 expressed no preference. A total of 172 fen voted in the '95 election, 141 in North America and 31 in Australasia.

The ballots received by the Australian Administrator had been distributed by Richard Lynch, Peter MacNamara, Janice Murray, Marc Ortlieb, Lucy Schmeidler, Pat & Roger Sims, Dick & Leah Smith and Alan Stewart.

First Place Votes
Pat & Roger Sims	  8	 82	 90
Nancy Tucker		 10	 33	 43
Lucy Schmeidler	 	  7	 12	 19
No Preference		  4	 11	 15
Hold Over Funds		  -	  3	  3
  Fred Ecks	 	  1	  -	  1
  Teddy Harvia	 	  1	  -	  1
			 --	---	---
			 31	141	172

The votes received by the Australian DUFF Administrator, in the order received, were from: Sean McMullen, Stephen Boucher, Cath Ortlieb, Marc Ortlieb, David L Russell, Lyn McConchie, Peter McNamara, Mariann McNamara, Margaret Winch, Colin S Watson, Ken Moylan, Justin Ackroyd, Jenny Ackroyd, Donna Heenan, James Allen, Eric Lindsay, Jean Weber, Linnette Horne, Roy Ferguson, Irwin Hirsh, LynC, Clive Newall, Ian Gunn, Steve Roylance, Alexander Wasiliew, Neil Murray, Nick Price, Stephen Dedman, Chris Nelson, Robin Johnson, Sally Beasley.


Outgoing North America
Dick & Leah Smith
410 W. Willow Road
Prospect Heights IL 60070-1250 USA
Phone: +1 (708) 394-1950

Alan Stewart
PO Box 222, World Trade Centre
Melbourne VIC 3005, AUSTRALIA
Phone: +61 (3) 429-8354

1995 DUFF delegates
Pat & Roger Sims
34 Creekwood Square, Cincinnati OH 45246 USA
Phone: +1 (513) 771-7587

DUFF AUSTRALIA: FINANCES (as of 31 March 1995)

Received from Phil Ware		   $ 3822.27

Fanthology '90 sales	   40.00
Reimbursement for 2
  Flight coupons (work)	  135.00
Auction - Survival '94	  116.20
Voting fees		  404.66
Zine sales		  145.00      842.86
			  ------     ------- 	
				   $ 4665.13

International airfare	 1729.00
Departure tax		   25.00
Internal North
  American airfares	 1456.00
Postage		 	   36.78
Phone calls		   19.78
Fundraising		   94.80
Nth. Amer. exps.	  321.85   $ 3683.21
			 -------     -------	
Balance (31 March 1994) 	   $  981.92

1994 DUFF US North American Trip - Details

			$US	 $Can
Dick Smith	       350.00	100.00
Deep South Con auction  78.00
Greyhound Bus refund	13.60 
		       ------	------
Total		       591.60   100.00

Phone calls		12.45	  -
Postage	 		64.75	  7.13
Fundraising	       148.20	 93.14
Fares	               296.00	 11.00
Food		       259.05	 41.95
Sundries	         3.00	  0.25
		       ------	------
Total  		       783.45	153.47
		       ------	------		
Net income (loss)     (191.85)	(53.47)

$Aus equivalent	      (268.38)	(53.47)

Overall income (expenses) in North America: (321.85)

DUFF Australia currently has over 1500 fanzines for sale. A list is available if you send a stamped self-addressed envelope or email the Australian administrator. Reasonable offers which include coverage of postage costs will be accepted until 30 April 1995, after which a limited mail auction will be conducted for the popular items. The list has been sent to the US administrators and distributed with the April 1995 ANZAPA Mailing.

DUFF Australia also has lots of things to be auctioned at future conventions. Thanks to Bruce Gillespie, Adrienne Losin, Rosaleen Love, Sean McMullen, David L Russell and Lucy Sussex in Australia who donated things to be sold here and in North America.

Thanks to Baen Books, Sue & Steve Francis, Denny Lien & Terry Garey, Joyce & Arnie Katz, Mark Loney, Dick & Nicki Lynch, Mark Manning & Getsu-shin, `Merlin' (Birmingham), Janice Murray & Alan Rosenthal, Mark Olsen, `The Other Change of Hobbit' Bookshop (San Francisco), Bruce & Elaine Pelz, Mike Resnick, Nigel Rowe, `SF, Mysteries and More' Bookshop (New York), Bob Shaw, Dick & Leah Smith, `The Stars Our Destination' Bookshop (Chicago), Amy Thompson, Toni Weisskop and Weller who donated things to DUFF while I was touring in North America.

Thanks also to the numerous fans who offered accommodation, transport, meals, acted as tour guides, and gave of their time while on my trip. My notes have been typed into the computer, the films have been developed, now I just have to put the time into writing the report.

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