The DUFFinite Article #3

15 May 1996

As published by Alan Stewart.
NB: all addresses could well be out of date.


		  Australasia	US    Total

Stephen Dedman	  	 3	 6	 9
Danny Heap	  	18	26	44
Perry Middlemiss	21	42	63

No Preference		 0	 9	 9
Write-In		 0	 0	 0
Hold Over Funds	  	 1	 0	 1
			--	--     ---	
Total			43	83     126

Insufficient Funds	 0	 1	 1
Postmarked after                  
    the 15th April	 0	 2	 2
Unable to be counted     1	 0	 1
			--	--     ---	
Grand Total	      	44	86     130
			--	--     ---	

As the No Preference and Hold Over funds will not be distributing preferences, Perry has a clear majority [63]/[126-(9+1)]=63/116=54.3% and so Perry Middlemiss is hereby declared the winner.

Votes received by the Australasian Administrator (in the order received): * indicates a donation above the required voting fee was received. Thank you.
Susan Clarke, Richard Hryckiewicz, Irwin Hirsh*, Penny Merritt*, Lyn McConchie, Robyn Mills*, Perry Middlemiss*, Kim Huett*, Ken Moylan*, Jean Weber*, Eric Lindsay*, Cheryl Morgan*, Sarah Murray-White*, Chris Nelson*, David L Russell*, Bob Riel*, Bruce Gillespie*, Marc Ortlieb*, Carey Handfield, Cath Ortlieb*, Jane Tisell*, Donna Heenan, Neil Murray, Jenny Ackroyd*, Justin Ackroyd*, Robin Johnson, Leigh Edmonds, Gigi Boudville, Danny Heap*, Gary Hoff*, Ian Gunn*, Elaine Kemp, Sally Beasley, Susan Margaret, James Allen, Greg Turkich*, Roy Ferguson*, Paul Ewins, Mark Loney*, Nick Stathopoulos*, Merv Binns, Julian Warner*, Sharon Moseley, Karen Pender-Gunn.

Votes received by the Australasian Administrator appeared on forms distributed by Irwin Hirsh, Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber, Perry Middlemiss, Marc Ortlieb and Alan Stewart.

Votes received by the North American Administrators appeared on forms distributed by Irwin Hirsh, Janice Murray, NESFA, Vicki Rozenzweig, Lucy Schmeidler, Joyce Scrivner, Pat & Roger Sims, Dick Smith, Kevin Standlee, Alan Stewart and Smatha Star Straf.


Nominations are hereby called for a North American fan to travel to Australasia in 1997, probably for the NatCon in September.

Nominations should be sent to either of the current Administrators by 30 September 1996. A candidate must promise, barring acts of God, to travel to Australasia, to produce a Trip Report to be sold as a fundraiser for the Fund, and to Administer the North American end of the fund until a successor is chosen.

The candidate must supply a platform of about one hundred (100) words encouraging fans to vote for them, as well as a brief history of previous Australasian travel, if any. A non-refundable bond of $US20 is also required. Three (3) nominations from North America and two (2) nominations from Australasia for the candidate must be received by the current Administrators. Email nominations are fine to beat the deadline, but a signed nomination must follow by post.


1st - Trish Smyth (Babylon 5 Season 2 poster)
2nd - Neil Murray (Star Trek Writers' Guide, 1967)
3rd - Justin Semmel (5 Batman Forever character posters)
(The winner had first pick of the prizes.)


DUFF Australasia also has lots of things to be auctioned at future conventions. Thanks to the following people who donated material to be auctioned and sold overseas for DUFF. Garfield Barnard, Gigi Boudville, Debbie Cross & Paul Wrigley (Wrigley-Cross Books), Scott & Jane Dennis, Alexis Gilliland, Kim Huett, Arnie & Joyce Katz, Eric Lindsay, Adrienne Losin, Janice Murray, Leslie Newcomer, Stephen Roth and Bill Rotsler.

Auctioneers and runners over the last year include Justin Ackroyd, Stephen Boucher, Roy Ferguson, Danny Heap, John McDouall, Perry Middlemiss, Neil Murray, Clive Newall and Tara Smith.

If you're interested in more Freddie Baer T-shirts, her "T-shirt of the Month" club can be contacted via email at

DUFF AUSTRALASIA: FINANCES (as of 30 April 1996)

Balance	(18 July 1995)	$ 1 637.49

Merchandise sales			 234.00
Fanzine sales				 719.13
1996 Race - platform fees	 	  60.00
	  - voting fees/donations	 795.00
Donations				   5.00
Auctions  - ArCon		 	 620.60
	  - Basicon			 136.60
	  - Swancon '96			1024.00
Travel expenses reimbursement	250.00
Fundraising merchandise		113.40
Postage				 27.78
Phone calls			  2.97
Printing			 77.50   471.65
				------  -------
Balance (30 April 1996)		       $4760.17 
DUFF North America: Finances (as of 15 May 1996)

Balance			$US 5934.95 
DUFF Australia currently has over 1400 fanzines for sale. A list is available if you send a stamped self-addressed envelope or email the Australian administrator. Reasonable offers which include coverage of postage costs will be accepted. The list has been sent to the US administrators and distributed with ANZAPA Mailings.

Alan Stewart
PO Box 222
World Trade Centre
Melbourne Victoria 3005
Phone: H +61 (3) 429-8354

North America
Pat & Roger Sims
34 Creekwood Square
OH 45246 USA
Phone: +1 (513) 771-7587

1996 DUFF delegate to North America
Perry Middlemiss
GPO Box 2708X
Melbourne Victoria 3001
Phone: H (03) 9819 2343
W (03) 9634 2988
Fax: W (03) 9634 5055

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