The DUFFinite Article #4

30 November 1996

As published by Alan Stewart.
NB: all addresses could well be out of date.

This marks the final `newsletter' for DUFF by Alan Stewart. Perry Middlemiss has formally taken over as Australasian Administrator, just in time to help run the 1997 DUFF Race to Australasia!


During my period of Administration (5 July 1994 - 30 November 1996), the following publications were produced for DUFF.

The DUFFinite Article - Alan Stewart
#1 (1 April 1995)
#2 (18 July 1995)
#3 (15 May 1996)
#4 (30 November 1996)

DUFFacto - Dick & Leah Smith
Spring 1995

DUFF Talk-About - Pat & Roger Sims
#1 (February 1996)
#2 (May 1996)


Votes were received by the Australasian Administrator from the following people in the appropriate races.

1994 Race to North America (Won by Alan Stewart)

Jenny Ackroyd, Justin Ackroyd, James Allen, Jeanette Allen, Mark Beadle, Sally Beasley, Merv Binns, James Bishop, Jan Bishop, Jenny Blackford, Russell Blackford, Stephen Boucher, Gigi Boudville, Nathan Bunney, Peter Burns, Dennis Callegari, Chris Chittleborough, Ron Clarke, Susan Clarke, Elaine Cochrane, Bill Congreve, Catherine Cupitt, Michael Deegan, Terry Dowling, Roy Ferguson, John Foyster, Leanne Frahm, Julian Freidin, Bruce Gillespie, Jenny Glover, Ian Gunn, Michael Hailstone, Carey Handfield, Johanna Handfield, Eve Harvey, John Harvey, Alex Heatley, Jack R Herman, Mandy Herriot, Paul Herriot, Greg Hills, Craig Hilton, Irwin Hirsh, Linnette Horne, Richard Hryckiewicz, Susan Hryckiewicz, Kim Huett, Tim Jones, Brent Lillie, Eric Lindsay, Dave Luckett, LynC, Lyn McConchie, Susan Margaret, Pauline Meining, Perry Middlemiss, Robyn Mills, Lewis Morley, Neil Murray, Chris Nelson, Clive Newall, John Newman, Peter Nicholls, Cath Ortlieb, Marc Ortlieb, John Parker, Francis Payne, Karen Pender-Gunn, Nick Price, Marilyn Pride, Geoff Roderick, Eugene Roseveare, Yvonne Rousseau, Bradley Row, Steve Roylance, David L Russell, Paul Saunders, Cyril Simsa, Karen Small, Gerald Smith, Tara Smith, Nick Stathopoulos, Colin Steele, Alan Stewart, Jonathan Strahan, Lucy Sussex, Lewis Sutton, Rex Thompson, Jane Tisell, Rachel Turner, Julian Warner, Jean Weber, Stephen Wroth.

All these people, and more, received a postcard from me while I was on my DUFF Trip in 1994.

1995 Race to Australasia (Won by Pat & Roger Sims)

[in the order received] Sean McMullen, Stephen Boucher, Cath Ortlieb, Marc Ortlieb, David L Russell, Lyn McConchie, Peter McNamara, Mariann McNamara, Margaret Winch, Colin S Watson, Ken Moylan, Justin Ackroyd, Jenny Ackroyd, Donna Heenan, James Allen, Eric Lindsay, Jean Weber, Linnette Horne, Roy Ferguson, Irwin Hirsh, LynC, Clive Newall, Ian Gunn, Steve Roylance, Alexander Wasiliew, Neil Murray, Nick Price, Stephen Dedman, Chris Nelson, Robin Johnson, Sally Beasley.

1996 Race to North America (Won by Perry Middlemiss)

[in the order received] Susan Clarke, Richard Hryckiewicz, Irwin Hirsh, Penny Merritt, Lyn McConchie, Robyn Mills, Perry Middlemiss, Kim Huett, Ken Moylan, Jean Weber, Eric Lindsay, Cheryl Morgan, Sarah Murray-White, Chris Nelson, David L Russell, Bob Riel, Bruce Gillespie, Marc Ortlieb, Carey Handfield, Cath Ortlieb, Jane Tisell, Donna Heenan, Neil Murray, Jenny Ackroyd, Justin Ackroyd, Robin Johnson, Leigh Edmonds, Gigi Boudville, Danny Heap, Gary Hoff, Ian Gunn, Elaine Kemp, Sally Beasley, Susan Margaret, James Allen, Greg Turkich, Roy Ferguson, Paul Ewins, Mark Loney, Nick Stathopoulos, Merv Binns, Julian Warner, Sharon Moseley, Karen Pender-Gunn.

Votes received by the Australasian Administrator appeared on forms distributed by Irwin Hirsh, Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber, Perry Middlemiss, Marc Ortlieb and Alan Stewart.


Alan Stewart travelled to North America in 1994 and attended ConAdian.

Thanks to the numerous fans who offered accommodation, transport, meals, acted as tour guides, and gave of their time while on my trip to North America. Sheryl Birkhead, Jeanne Bowman and Don Herron, Jane and Scott Dennis, Bill Donaho, Lise Eisenberg, Alex and Phyllis Eisenstein, Gary Farber, Moshe Feder, jan howard finder, Naomi Fisher and Pat Molloy, Don Fitch, Ken Foreman, Steve and Sue Francis, Terry Garey and Denny Lien, Getsin-shu and Mark Manning, Steve Glennon, Jane Hawkins, Arnie and Joyce Katz, Morris M Keesan and Lori Meltzer, David Kopaska-Merkle, Hope Leibowitz, Robert Lichtman, Mark Linneman, Mark and Vanessa Loney, Dick and Nicki Lynch, Joanne McBride, Marci Malinowcyz and Tom Whitmore, Jeanne Mealy and John Stanley, Janice Murray and Alan Rosenthal, Mark and Priscilla Olsen, Bruce and Elaine Pelz, Charlotte Proctor, Dave Rike, Vicki Rosenweig, Karen and Nigel Rowe, Lucy Schmeidler, Joyce Scrivner, Jon Singer, Dick and Leah Smith, Judith Solomon, Garth Spencer, Tom Springer, Bob and Fern Tucker, Harry Warner Jr, Toni Weisskopf, Weller, and Joel Zakem.

Thanks to Baen Books, Sue & Steve Francis, Denny Lien & Terry Garey, Joyce & Arnie Katz, Mark Loney, Dick & Nicki Lynch, Mark Manning & Getsin-shu, `Merlin' (Birmingham), Janice Murray & Alan Rosenthal, Mark Olsen, `The Other Change of Hobbit' Bookshop (San Francisco), Bruce & Elaine Pelz, Mike Resnick, Nigel Rowe, `SF, Mysteries and More' Bookshop (New York), Bob Shaw, Dick & Leah Smith, `The Stars Our Destination' Bookshop (Chicago), Amy Thompson, Toni Weisskopf and Weller who donated things to DUFF while I was touring in North America. Thanks also to ConAdian for the complimentary membership, ribbon and accommodation.

My notes have been typed into the computer, the films have been developed, now I just have to put the time into writing the report. Thanks to Dick & Nicki Lynch, Janice Murray and Bruce Pelz who helped identify fans in some of my photographs. Draft sections should be mailed out for checking early in 1997.


Pat and Roger Sims travelled to Australasia and attended ThylaCon on 1995.

Fen who acted as hosts, guides and helpers during their visit include Mervyn Barret, John Foyster, Elaine Cochrane and Bruce Gillespie, Donna Heenan, Tim Jones, Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber, Roman Orzanski, Nick Stathopoulos, and Alan Stewart.


Thanks to the following people who donated material to be auctioned and sold here and in North America for DUFF. Garfield Barnard, Gigi Boudville, Debbie Cross & Paul Wrigley (Wrigley-Cross Books), Scott & Jane Dennis, Bruce Gillespie, Alexis Gilliland, Jack Herman, Kim Huett, Arnie & Joyce Katz, Eric Lindsay, Adrienne Losin, Rosaleen Love, Sean McMullen, Vonda McIntyre, Janice Murray, Leslie Newcomer, Stephen Roth, Bill Rotsler, David L Russell and Lucy Sussex.

Auctioneers and runners over the last few years include Justin Ackroyd, Stephen Boucher, Roy Ferguson, Danny Heap, John McDouall, Perry Middlemiss, Neil Murray, Clive Newall and Tara Smith.

DUFF appreciates the support of Eric Lindsay who has been selling fanzines and donating money to DUFF and other fannish charities. Thanks also to Justin Ackroyd, James Allen, Stephen Boucher, Gigi Boudville, Danny Heap, Sean McMullen and Perry Middlemiss for transporting materials and handling auctions for DUFF.

Special thanks to Phil Ware for taking over as Australasian Administrator in late 1993, and organising the 1994 Race to North America.

My fellow DUFF Administrators, Dick & Leah Smith and Pat & Roger Sims, thanks for your work and help during the past two years.


DUFF Australasia also has lots of things to be auctioned at future conventions.

Items include books signed by Mike Resnick and Vonda McIntyre; various US Worldcon and convention t-shirts; stickers; badges; signed manuscripts of Hugo winning stories; framed `US Space Fantasy Stamps'; film promotion posters and badges; various t-shirts; and lots of books, hard cover, trade pb and pb.

Of course if you'd like to make me an offer I can't refuse to have first option on an item please let me know.

DUFF Australia currently has over 1400 fanzines for sale. A list is available if you send a stamped self-addressed envelope or email the Australian administrator. Reasonable offers which include coverage of postage costs will be accepted. The list has been sent to the US administrators and distributed with ANZAPA Mailings.

DUFF AUSTRALASIA: FINANCES (as of 30 November 1996)

Balance (30 April 1996)			$ 4760.17

Donation - BasiCon		100.00
Sales	 - Merchandise		149.65
	 - Fanzines		276.50
	 - Fanthology '92	 25.00	   551.15
				------	  -------
To Perry Middlemiss:
  - International air fares    1839.00
  - Insurance & internal 
    air fares		       1016.00
Fundraising merchandise		 90.00
Postage				 33.05
Bank fees			 15.00
Printing			 23.55	  3016 60
			       -------	  -------
Balance (30 November 1996)		
(Transferred to Perry Middlemiss)	$ 2294.72
Balance				      $US 5934.95 

Outgoing: Alan Stewart
PO Box 222
World Trade Centre
Melbourne Victoria 3005
Phone: H +61 (3) 429-8354

Present: Perry Middlemiss
GPO Box 2708X
Melbourne Victoria 3001
Phone: H (03) 9819 2343
W (03) 9634 2988
Fax: W (03) 9634 5055

North America
Pat & Roger Sims
34 Creekwood Square
OH 45246 USA
Phone: +1 (513) 771-7587

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