New Race Underway

The DUFF 2001 race to send a candidate from North America to the Australian national convention is underway! We have fine candidates in Steven Silver and Naomi Fisher and Pat Molloy. Ballots are available on the web site in PDF (better for printing) or HTML , or by contacting one of the administrators. Ballots must be received by an administrator by January 15, 2001.

Auctions Ahoy!

Auctions at U.S. conventions this year were especially lucrative. The enthusiastic audience at The Last RiverCon (XXV) auction donated over $1100 and bid up all things Australian, including (after a demo by Parris McBride),three Yowies for $40 each! At the auction at this year's worldcon, Chicon 2000, a Lois McMaster Bujold Tuckerization (mention of the winning bidder in an upcoming work) for the SFWA Emergency Fund went for $1000. Maryland fan Richard Lynch then went out to ask if Mike Resnick and Harry Turtledove would contribute Tuckerizations. Combined (with half of the Turtledove one going to TAFF), these raised $983 for DUFF!

1999 Trip Report Available

The 1999 trip report is now available for US$5 or A$5 in person, or US$6.50 or A$6.50 by mail from the administrators (or previous administrator Terry Frost, 4/8 Walker Street, West Brunswick, Victoria 3055). The currency should match the administrator's country. (Requests from outside the U.S. or Australasia should be sent to Janice.) Copies will be available at the following upcoming U.S. conventions: Orycon, Loscon, SMOFcon, Boskone, and ConCave.

The Financial Side of Things

DUFF North America (as of Oct 31, 2000)

Previous balance                      $ 10,589 	
Voter/misc  donations                      179 	
Corflu  auction                            414	
Rivercon auction                         1,178.32 	
Chicon  auction                          2,117 	
Chicon Fan Lounge                          302.15
1999 trip report sales                     273.50 	
SCIFI trip report bonus	                   500 
Candidate bonds	                            50	
Interest through Oct 31, 2000              189.70
Subtotal                              $ 15,792.67 
U.S. trip expenses                    -  1,200.00
                                      $ 14,592.67	
Bay Area DUFF party                   -    111.23
TOTAL                                 $ 14,481.44

DUFF Australasia

Same as previous balance: A$5,539.45

We'd like to thank the fans on both sides of the Pacific who have given generously of their time, worldly goods, money, and hospitality to the Down Under Fan Fund.

This newsletter brought to you by:

Cathy Cupitt
P.O. Box 915

North America
Janice Gelb
1070 Mercedes Avenue #2
Los Altos, CA 94022 USA

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