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    1984 PLATFORMS

    Justin Ackroyd

    Poor but honest bookseller seeks further fannish education. Some fans claim I am one of Australia's cuddliest fans and my resemblance to a six foot teddybear is quite striking. Since netering fandom in 1976 I have chaired a national convention and been involved in others, usually as an auction convenor. I have had a brief stay in ANZAPA and am an assitant for Australian SF News. Present addictions include books, fanzines, auction,s conventions, hockey and sport spectating, Wales, whales, bears, castles and montains, food, Irish Mist and J.M.W. Turner. Anyone who has survived six years working at Space Age Books can certainly use a break.

    Nominators: Jack Herman, Perry Middlemiss & Helen Swift, Marc Ortlieb, Pete Presford, Bob Shaw.

    Shayne McCormack

    My fannish life condensed into 100 words. Well, I found fandom in 1969 through Star Trek, and went on to produce quite a few fanzines, including Forerunner, the clubzine of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation, an organization of which I was President for a number of years. As well as socially being involved with SF, I also do it for a living - I manage (haphazardly) Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney's SF specialist. I still enjoy media fandom through my artwork and writing, and have been on the committee of a few SF cons, including the 1983 National Con. FIAWOL holds true for me.

    Nominators: Ron Clarke, Sue Clarke, Robin Johnson, Cas Skelton, Paul Skelton.

    Jean Weber

    Having discovered fandom at Aussiecon, Jean published a two-volume Fifth Anniverary fanzine in 1980, followed by a genzine, WeberWoman's Wrevenge, now three years old and appearing on a *ghasp* regular bi-monthly schedule. She has helped organise several conventions, despite a tendency to fall asleep at unfannishly early hours. She's never been to the U.K. or northern Europe, and promies a Trip report with a year of return. Is Weberwoman the wild sex maniac rumour suggests? a flaming feminist? a rum-guzzling recluse? a/l/l none of the above? Import Jean for a 4-week visit and find out - if you dare.

    Nominators: Christine & Derrick Ashby, John Bangsund, Eve Harvey, Joy Hibbert, Eric Lindsay.

    Roger Weddall

    Hey, am I seriously supposed to write something here that will convince all you lot to vote for me for GUFF? Okay - how's this:

    "I don't think you should vote for me just because I've had a hand in running all sorts of fun conventions, nor because I'm editor of Thyme and Lhyfe. I reckon you should vote for me beause I'd have a bloody good time over there making lotsa new friends, sampling lotsa Brit brews, and just generally partying on as much as possible. Why not do the right thing - vote for a nice fellow like me.

    Nominators: Sally Beasley, Malcolm Edwards, Dave Langford, John Newman, John Packer.

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                               First Round	       Second	 Third    
                       Australia    UK    Total	Round    Round    
    Justin Ackroyd		58	 6	64	  65	   71	  
    Shayne McCormack	15	 3	18	  19  Eliminated
    Jean Weber		11	17	28        29  	   37
    Roger Weddall		16	 7	23        23       24
    Fund Over Funds		 3	 -	 3   Eliminated
    No Preference		 -       -       -	   -	    3
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    		       103 	33     136
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Justin Ackroyd achieved an outright majority on the third round.

  • GUFF 1984: Australian Report, January 1984, edited by John Foyster
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