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    1990 PLATFORMS

    Larry Dunning

    Born 14 days after Sputnik and raised in various points of the Galaxy but mostly in Perth, LArry works for the Bureau of Statistics producing Government fiction. His interests in mainstream SF, Comics, Games, Art, Films, Folk and Filk are famed if not infamous, and he has been involved in organised fandom since 1975. Larry has also produced several fanzines including Apocrypha (a genzine), The Phantom Zine (an APA) and Tau Ceti ( games zine). Knownas a masseur and hug therapist, winning GUFF would enable Larry to write the best trip report since the Odyssey. Remember, Dunning is running!

    Nominators: Terry Frost, Carey Handfield, Shirley Page, Grant Stone, and Pascal Thomas.

    Mark Loney and Michelle Muijsert

    As Michelle has yet to return from the trackless wastes of Northern Ontario (beome a computer programmer and see the world!), the task of drafting 100 words of deathless vote-winning prose has fallen to me alone. The obvious fanac to mention is The Space Wastrel but, I must admit guiltily, we haven't pubbed our ish since 1988. But we have both been fans since the seventies, both involved in running clubs, and conventions as well as pubbing fanzines and would love to meet as many of you as possible in Holland and the UK in 1990. Till then hopefully....

    Nominators: Eve Harvey, Perry Middlemiss, Julian Warner, Roger Weddall, and Pam Wells.

    Roman Orszanski

    Bearded, baroque and bilingual bicyclist and broadcaster Roman has been producing small and curious fanzines since '75, inspired by Aussiecon. He's hovered around conventions since, organising his own when necessary. Fond of talking, he's sometimes press-ganged onto panels - but prefers parties, eating, and drinking. He produced The Stream-driven Flugelhorn, Australia's first audio-fanzine, and has launched several radio programmes (including ones on Film, SF and Media). His inetrests include jazz (modern), filmes (old, black & white), community radio and protecting rain-forests. An ardent greenie, he's campaigned on many environmental isues. His ambition: dance until dawn in the capitals of Europe.

    Nominators: John Foyster, Judith Hanna, Joseph Nicholas, Marc Ortlieb, and Jean Weber.

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                               First Round	       Second	Third
                       Australia  Europe  Total	Round	Round
    Larry Dunning		27	 6	33	  34 Eliminated
    Loney & Muijsert	36	 4	40     	  40	  58
    Roman Orszanski		40	 6	46        46	  59
    Hold Over Funds		 2	 -	 2 Eliminated
      Wilson da Silva	 1	 -	 1 Eliminated
    No Preference   	 1	 -	 1         3       6
    		       ---     ---     ---	 ---	 ---
    		       107	16     123       123     123
    Votes needed to win
      on this ballot:			62        61      59
    Roman Orszanski achieved an outright majority on the third and final ballot.

  • Guffawe 9, August 1990, edited by Irwin Hirsh
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