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    1992 PLATFORMS

    Eva Hauser

    I am a Czechoslovak fan, editor and writer. I write BIOPUNK stories which are (according to some people) disgusting. I like to write funny articles for fanzines. Unfortuately, I can't write anything funny in English. I am also very fond of discussion - about society, the future, feminism, the environment, literarture etc.

    Nominators: John Foyste, Jenny Glover, Ian Mackereth, Cyril Simsa, and Bridget Wilkinson.

    Bridget Wilkinson

    acquired a knowledge of European fandom through Fans Across The World, where she also learned to tie knots in red tape, and how to raise funds. She hasn't yet learned how to duck under the table fast enough, which is why she ended up becoming Treasurer of the European SF Society. Known from her FATW newsletter and Worlds Apart, her fan writing has made eratic appearances in requested places. She has been a member of The Woman's Periodical (an amateur press association) for several years. Having discovered how room parties run all over Europe, it's time to check out the Australians'.

    Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Pauona Braiter, Piotr Cholewa, Elzbieta Gepfer, and Roger Weddall.

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                               First Round	       
                       Australia  Europe  Total
    Eva Hauser		22	29	51	
    Bridget Wilkinson	 6	21	27
    No Preference		 4	 2	 6    
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    		        32	52      84
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Eva Hauser achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • Ansible 56, March 1992, edited by Dave Langford
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