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    1999 PLATFORMS

    Steve Davies

    I'm co-editor of Plokta, a fanzine of dubious reputation; I'm chairman of Reconvene, the 1999 Eastercon; I've worked on everything from filkcons to worldcons and I have more superfluous technology than is good for me. I don't actually collect skulls, they just accumulate around me. If I win, I'll take vast quantities of notes about my travels, then throw them away and write a scandalous trip report bearing no relation to reality at all. They're more interesting that way. I'll also include lots of digital photos with libellous captions. Special offer! Vote for me and get a free Tasmanian!

    Nominators: Michael Abbott, Perry Middlemiss, Marc Ortlieb, Alison Scott, Tibs

    Julian Headlong

    Bibulous biblioholic biochemist, part-time alliterate and paronomaniac, and provider of "serious scientific talks" to the fannish intelligentsia -- "Headlong into the Drink" on fankind's favourite tipples, "I am Spock's Liver" on Vulcan biochemistry (cuprohaemoglobins'R'us), and "How the Black Hole at the heart of the Galaxy caused the Russian Revolution and the hits of Boney M" on astrophysics, molecular biology and disco -- at Eastercons, Novacons, Mexicons and Worldcons, and as a Guest at Star Trek and Dr Who cons. With a fund of interesting subjects and an inexhaustible supply of bonhomie and bad puns, Australia can be sure of an entertaining GUFF guest.

    Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Martin Easterbrook, Paul Kincaid, Paul Oldroyd, Julian Warner

    Paul Kincaid

    After nearly 25 years in fandom -- producing and reviewing fanzines, working with the BSFA and on conventions, writing criticism and the odd story -- I want to extend my horizons. Everyone who has been to Australia has raved about it, and I am keen to find out what all the fuss is about. What's more, with the close co-operation that is developing between TAFF and DUFF, I see this as an opportunity to complete the circle and get all the fan funds working together.

    Nominators: Terry Frost, Bruce Gillespie, Eve Harvey, Julian Headlong, Dave Langford

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                       Australia  Europe  Total
    First Round
    Steve Davies		 2	29	31
    Julian Headlong 	 6	20	26  Eliminated
    Paul Kincaid		 7	20	27
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Total			15   	69      84
    No Preference		 	 2	 2 
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    		 	17	71	86
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Second Round
    Steve Davies		 3	38	41
    Paul Kincaid		12	31	43
    Paul Kincaid achieved an outright majority on the second ballot.

  • Ansible 142, May 1999, edited by Dave Langford
  • The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 118, 23 April 1999, edited by Marc Ortlieb
  • Thyme 126, March 1999, edited by Alan Stewart
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