• Jean Weber & Eric Lindsay (Australia)
  • Paul Kincaid (Europe)

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    2003 PLATFORMS

    Doug Bell

    As a fanzine editor I love conventions and fanzines but my main interest is making friends. During my first decade in fandom, I've met few antipodean fans but have always greatly enjoyed their company. It's time to redress that imbalance, brave deep vein thrombosis and broaden my horizons by travelling to Australia and New Zealand to meet fans in their native environment. If you want a Scots fan that'll keep you up late at night with witty banter and single malt whisky then I'm your man. That way I'll make some new friends and get some material for that report thing.

    Nominators: Claire Brialey, Tim Jones, Linda Krawecke, Yvonne Rowse, Damien Warman

    Pat McMurray

    G'day. My name is Pat McMurray. I run conventions, I'm an occasional fictional character in other people's fanzines, and I'm obsessive about collecting convention memorabilia. In 1999, I spent a total of eight days in Australia at the Worldcon, one of the best holidays I've ever had, not just for Melbourne and the Worldcon, but for the chance to meet fans from all over Australia. I want to meet more Aussie fans, to see more of Australia, to drink the decent beers!. In exchange, I'll bring myself, I'll administer GUFF, and I'll publish a trip report, eventually ...

    Nominators: Stephen Boucher, Bruce Gillespie, Mark Plummer, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Martin Tudor

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                       Australia    UK    Total
    First Round
    Doug Bell 		 8	25	33
    Pat McMurray 	 	13	22	35
    No Preference		 2	 6 	 8
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Total			23   	53 	76
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Pat McMurray achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • Paul Kincaid - European GUFF Administrator
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    2003 VOTERS

    These people sent ballots to the Australian administrators or voted online using the ballot provided on Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber's official Australian GUFF website:
      Justin Ackroyd
      Andrew A Adams
      David Cake
      Naomi Fisher
      Janice Gelb
      Irwin Hirsh
      Jonathan Jones
      Tim Jones
      Eric Lindsay
      Lyn McConchie
      Rose Mitchell
      Mark Loney
      G Patrick Molloy
      Janice Murray
      Mark Olson
      Alan Rosenthal
      Lucy Schmeidler
      Gerald Smith
      Kevin Standlee
      Alan Stewart
      Jean Weber
      Bill Wright
      Lucy Zinkewicz

    These people sent ballots to the UK administrator:
      Michael Abbott
      Doug Bell
      Sandra Bond
      Helena Bowles
      Bridget Bradshaw
      Claire Brialey
      Randy Byers
      Cat Coast
      Stephen R. Cooper
      Peter Crump
      Tony Cullen
      John Dallman
      Steve Davies
      Giulia De Cesare
      Nic Farey
      Susan Francis
      Nigel Furlong
      Sabine Furlong
      Roelof Goudriaan
      Judith Hanna
      Eve Harvey
      John Harvey
      David Hicks
      Sue Jones
      Tony Keen
      Christina Lake
      Dave Langford
      Sheila Lightsey
      Catherine McAulay
      Lorna McLaren
      Pat McMurray
      Cheryl Morgan
      Carol Morton
      Tony Morton
      Joseph Nicholas
      Chris O'Shea
      Mark Plummer
      Roger Robinson
      Marcus Rowland
      Yvonne Rowse
      Mike Scott
      Alison Scott
      Maureen Kincaid Speller
      Douglas Spencer
      Erwin Strauss
      Marcus Streets
      Dave Tompkins
      Lennart Uhlin
      Pam Wells
      Bridget Wilkinson
      Gary Wilkinson
      Andrew J Wilson
      Pete Young

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