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    2007 PLATFORMS

    Johan Anglemark says: I'm Johan and I'm a fan. Swedish fandom---53 years old---is small and deadly, and the fans are mad but proud. I've been a conrunner for 22 years, and a worse con than the first I ran you will never see. I've published a dozen of zines, but to be frank, I'm in it for the books, the conversation, and the beer. I've never been to the far side of the world. I want to meet the fabled Aussie fans on their home turf, and if possible squeeze in Wellington as well. It would be wonderful. Trip report? You bet.

    Johan's nominators are Jukka Halme, Lennart Uhlin, Teddy, Alison Barton and Kelly Buchanan.

    Steve Davies says: Steve Davies is a fan of many parts, some of which are even allowed out in public. He has run conventions from small cuddly ones to worldcons and was chairman of the UK national convention in 1999. He is co-editor of the fanzine Plokta (, winner of the Fanzine Hugo in 2005 and 2006. He has also messed about with filk, costuming, book-collecting, beer, art and writing about himself in the third person. He has been to Australia a couple of times before and is actually married to a Tasmanian, Giulia De Cesare. However, he hasn't been back for a while and really wants an excuse to come over again. If he wins he expects to be bringing back large quantities fo Tim Tams and Cherry Ripes for the expatriate Australians of England.

    Steve's nominators are Tim Illingworth, Paul Kincaid, Alison Scott, Justin Ackroyd and Eric Lindsay.

    Anna Davour says: I'm Anna Davour, often known as Åka (sometimes spelled wokka on the internet). I'm an enthusiastic all-round fan: fanzines, conventions, clubs and meetings, web forums and blogs---I'm there. We don't really have any filk tradition here, but I like to sing as well. So far I've limited my activity mainly to Scandinavia, although I have attended a couple of British conventions and was a member of e-APA for a while. I would love to go to Australia and make new friends, and bring news of the wide world back home. This is also a good incentive for me to write more in English, and maybe revive old plans of a new fanzine.

    Åka's nominators: Ylva Spångberg, Sten Thaning, Britt-Louise Viklund, Sharee Carton and Roman Orszanski.

    Ang Rosin says: I wandered into fandom via the Usenet group in the mid-90's. It was here I first encountered Australasian fans and decided these were cool people I wanted to learn more about. Since my first con---Aliens Stole My Handbag in 2001---I've been increasingly involved with fandom and I was young adult program stream (YAFA) staff at the 2005 worldcon. I'm an active fan---light reading, infrequent fanzine publishing and some heavy lifting. Friends have told me I'm friendly, cheerful and, with a steady supply of potato products, cause little trouble.

    Ang's nominators are Claire Brialey, James Bacon, Max, David Cake and Alsion Campbell.

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    Johan Anglemark 			15
    Steve Davies 				18
    Anna Davour 				10
    Ang Rosin 				49
    Hold Over Funds 			 0
    No Preference 				 3
    Totals 					95
    Ang Rosin achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • Damien Warman - Australian GUFF Co-Administrator - 18 April 2007
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