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    2013 PLATFORMS

    Bill Wright

    Bill Wright joined fandom in the 1950s and is a lifetime member of the Melbourne SF Club, founder member of Anzapa, founder member of the Nova Mob (Melbourne's SF discussion group) and was secretary of Aussiecon, 33rd Worldcon in Melbourne in 1975. He also organised the Australian side of the Bring Bruce Bayside Fan Fund in 2004. His fanzine Interstellar Ramjet Scoop is now an e-zine on eFanzines. Currently he works for the Australian Science Fiction Foundation. Bill will be an able representative of the Australasian science fiction community at Worldcon and will write a ripper of a trip report.

    Australasian nominators: Bruce Gillespie, Mervyn Binns, Martin James Ditmar (Dick) Jenssen
    North American nominators: Murray Moore, John Purcell

    Clare McDonald-Sims

    I found SF when my high school librarian got tired of me asking for reading recommendations and suggested I start with A; Asimov came up and I never looked back. I found fandom through Star Trek (via the books) and stayed for the company. More of a behind-the-scenes type than a leader, Ive attended three Worldcons in three different countries so far and helped on Committee for Aussiecon 4. I relish being pushed out of my comfort zone, and therefore love to travel. If I win, I promise to say Gday to as many people as possible while at Worldcon.

    Australasian nominators: Rose Mitchell, Perry Middlemiss, Janice Gelb
    North American nominators: Curt Phillips, Chris Garcia

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    			NA	ANZ	Total
    			--	---	-----
    Clare McDonald-Sims 	18 	 46	  64	
    Bill Wright		32	 34	  66
    Hold Over Funds		 1	  1	   2
    No Preference		 1	  -	   1 
    			--	 --	 ---
    			52	 81	 133

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