• Dick Smith & Leah Zeldes Smith (North America)
  • Alan Stewart (Australasia)
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    1995 PLATFORMS

    Nancy Tucker

    I've been active in fandom for 20 years, a regular contributor to ApaCorps and a current member of The Secret Garden, assisted Larry Tucker with his audio and video fanzines, performed in a "radio" skit at ConClave, audio- and video-taped fannish activities since the '70s, been active in the Science Fiction Oral History Association since its founding, currently vice-president and editor of the SFOHA newsletter, held numerous convention committee positions including three years as chairman of ConFusion, and assisted with several Worldcon masquerades. I enjoy meeting people, partying and am officially licensed by Bob Tucker to lead Smoooths!

    Previous Australasian Travel: None
    Nominators: Mike Glicksohn, Rusty Hevlin, Eric Lindsay, Marc Ortlieb, Wilson "Bob" Tucker.

    Pat & Roger Sims

    Besides having jolly fun running for DUFF, Pat and Roger feel we would be good representatives from this side of the Pacific Ocean. Roger has been active in fandom since 1949, Pat since 1962. Roger has been a Worldcon co-chair; a Worldcon fan guest of honor; member of two apas; editor of Fantasy-Scope; contributor to Mimosa. Pat edits Roger's pubbing, runs the Cincinnati Fantasy Group's con suites and is its treasurer. Her activities would serve well in administering DUFF funds. If selected, we promise to visit as many fans in Australia as possible. Pat's daily trip journal would be supplemented by Roger and pubbed by the end of 1995.

    Previous Australasian travel: We were fortunate enough to be able to attend Aussiecon I (Daffodil Charter) in 1975, meeting fans in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.
    Nominators: Stephen Boucher, Bill Bowers, Robin Johnson, Dick & Nicki Lynch, Bruce Pelz.

    Lucy Schmeidler

    Although I read SF in the '50s, I only learned of organised fandom in 1980, when a chance-met acquaintance interested me in Lunacon, and through that, the other area conventions. In 1989, I helped found the Jewish Science Fiction league. I am currently a member of the New York Science Fiction Society (Lunarians) and the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County, US correspondent of the SF Review radio show (Adelaide) and editor of "Jews in Space, the newsletter of the Jewish science fiction community." I have also had some short fiction and nonfiction published in US and Australian magazines.

    Previous Australasian travel: None
    Nominators: Terry Dowling, Shariann Lewitt, Peter McNamara, Robert J. Sawyer, F. Paul Wilson.

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                      Australasia	US    Total
    Lucy Schmeidler		 7	12	19
    Roger & Pat Sims	 8	82	90
    Nancy Tucker		10	33	43
      Fred Ecks		 1	 -	 1
      Teddy Harvia		 1	 -	 1
    Hold Over Funds		 -	 3	 3
    No Preference		 4	11	15 
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    		 	31     141     172
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Roger & Pat Sims achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • DUFFacto 5, Autumn 1995, edited by Dick & Leah Smith.
  • The DUFFinite Article 1, 1 April 1995, edited by Alan Stewart.
  • Thyme 103, May 1995, edited by Alan Stewart.
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