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    1996 PLATFORMS

    Stephen Dedman

    Writer, Gamer, Associate Editor of Eidolon, Actor, Ailurophile, seasoned traveller (no MSG), Member SFWA and HWA. Active in fandom since 1977; former Swancon secretary and programmer, fan writer, editor of The Ravin' (nevermore!), panelist at two Worldcons and one NASFIC, guest at Confusion 96 and Swancon 22. Former Sf bookshop manager, experimental subject, and used dinosaur salesman. Not famous, but was once mistaken for a waxwork of someone famous at Madame Tussaud's. If I win, I'll try to visit the World Fantasy Convention, lots of parties, scores of bookshops, and the occasional sushi bar. Be seeing you!

    Previous North American Travel: Visited US and Canada in 1987, 1990 (ConDiego), 1992 (Magicon) and 1994 (ConAdian).
    Nominators: Wil McCarthy, Robert J Sawyer, Tara Smith, Nick Stathopoulos, Grant Stone.

    Danny Heap

    G'day, I'm Danny Heap. Most of my life's been spent as an SF-loving drover (cattleman) - while other drovers got drunk, I read P.K.D. I've co-produced an award-winning fanzine, been involved with numerous conventions, hoaxed people, kicked GoH's out of my room and been to two WorldCons. I hope to get to L.A.Con III, meet people, appear on panels (I've been asked to do "Sticky Moments" if I make it over), have zany, road-movie style adventures around the continent, demonstrate the further joys of Vegemite and have such a good time that I'll get really depressed when it's time to leave.

    Previous North American Travel: None
    Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Stephen Boucher, Roy Ferguson, Janice Murray, Dick & Leah Smith.

    Perry Middlemiss

    I became actively involved in fandom after attending Aussiecon in 1975. I've helped to run 4 conventions in that time and have been a member of several apas, though ANZAPA is the only one that currently has to put up with me. I've produced a number of fanzines, with the major ones being Spectre (1978-80), Larrikin (with Irwin Hirsh 1986-89), The Best of ANZAPA (1993- ) and The Wollongong Pig-Breeders' Gazette (1992- ). I won a Ditmar for Best Australian Fan Writer in 1988. Additional interests include maintaining the Australasian Fannish Email Directory as well as a few other Australian fannish WWW pages, the fannish history group Timebinders, and helping Australia win the Worldcon in 1999. If I win I promise a fanzine in every pot. A trip report? No worries. Now, got any babies you want me to kiss?

    Previous North American Travel: None.
    Nominators: John D Berry, John Foyster, Irwin Hirsh, Marc Ortlieb, Joyce Scrivner.

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                      Australasia	US    Total
    Stephen Dedman		 3	 6	 9
    Danny Heap		18	26	44
    Perry Middlemiss	21	42	63
    Hold Over Funds		 1	 0	 1
    No Preference		 0	 9	 9
    			--	--     ---
    Total			43	83     126	 	
    Insufficient Funds	 0	 1	 1
    Postmarked after the
      voting deadline	 0	 2 	 2
    Unable to be counted	 1	 0	 1			
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    Grand Total	 	44	86     130
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Perry Middlemiss achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

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  • The DUFFinite Article 3, 15 May 1996, edited by Alan Stewart.
  • The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 52, 26 April 1996, edited by Marc Ortlieb.
  • Thyme 109, May 1996, edited by Alan Stewart.
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