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This site is devoted to all things dealing with fan funds involving Australia. It is intended to be an archive of everything related to Aussie-linked fan funds: ballots, voting details, administrators reports, bits from newszines and blogs saying “I’m back and the trip was fantastic…”, trip reports, and so on.

This is envisaged as being a work permanently in progress: comments, corrections, and contributions are eagerly solicited. Any offers to retype or scan material will be accepted with glee.

Please note that this site is not the official website of any Fan Fund.


Fan Funds exist as a means to provide closer links between various national science fiction fandoms. They achieve this aim by providing the funds for a well-known fan from one country to attend a major science fiction convention in another country. The Funds exist solely through the financial support and generosity of fandom.


DUFF 2017 Nominations now open

Nominations are open for the 2017 DUFF race! The North American Down Under Fan Fund will send one lucky fan to Australia to attend Continuum 13, the Australian National Convention, being held in Melbourne 9-12 June, 2017. We are looking for fun, outgoing fans to participate in this 44 year old fannish cultural exchange by visiting Australia (and New Zealand if possible), meeting lots of people, attending cons, and returning home to run the fan fund for the next two years. Are you that fan? Know of anyone who is? Send your nomination to Lucy Huntzinger at downunderfanfund@gmail.com by January 22nd, 2017.

Here are the rules for eligibility:
Each candidate posts a bond ($5 US/AU/NZ) promising to travel (if elected) to a major convention on the other side of the Pacific, and provides nominations from five nominators (three from North America, two from Australia or New Zealand); it used to be we had to have their signatures, but I am okay with them sending me an email stating that they are nominating [candidate’s name] for the 2017 race. If they are wholly unknown to me, I may ask the candidate who they are and what their fannish background is.
Here are the rules for after you win:
You administer the fund until you are replaced.
Up for the challenge? Ready to have fun? Go!

GUFF Northbound Race 2017 — Voting now open

Voting is now open for the northbound race, to transport a Australasian fan to Worldcon 75, the 75th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, 9-13 August, 2017. Candidates are Donna Maree Hanson, Sam Hawke, Belle McQuattie, and Alexandra Pierce and Alisa Krasnostein (shared). Candidates’ platforms and general information about voting is here. Online ballot is here. PDF version for printing is here.

FFANZ 2017 winner

Dan Rabarts, FFANZ administrator in New Zealand, has announced that Lynelle Howell has won FFANZ and will head to Continuum 13 in Melbourne next year.

GUFF Trip Reports are available to buy online now!

James Shields’ 2010 Trip Report is available here.

Gillian Polack’s 2014 Trip Report is available here.

Order both together to save on shipping.



Any Fund with an Australian connection. There are four on-going Funds:

DUFF moves people between North America and Australasia. Its current administrators are Clare McDonald-Sims and Lucy Huntzinger. DUFF has its own Offical website.

FFANZ moves people between New Zealand and Australia. Its current administrators are Stephen Litten & Jan Butterworth and Edwina Harvey. Ross Temple maintains FFANZ’s homepage.

GUFF moves people between Europe and Australia. Its current administrators are Mihaela-Marija Perkovic and Gillian Polack.

NAFF moves fans within Australia to the Australian National Convention. The current administrators are Grant Watson, Sue Ann Barber and Gina Goddard.

In addition there have been a variety of one-off Funds, including the BBB (Bring Bruce Bayside) Fan Fund.


The site is managed by Irwin Hirsh, who wishes to acknowledge:

  • Jean Weber, who is providing webspace and significant admin support;
  • Dave Langford, whose TAFF site has been an inspiration and who allowed me to re-use some of his htmled files;
  • Marc Ortlieb, whose publication An Australian Compendium of Fandom was my initial reference;
  • Damien Warman, with whom I bounced around some ideas;
  • Perry Middlemiss, who provided me with quite a few files and who probably would’ve done something like this years ago but instead got sidetracked by some Worldcon-thingyies; and
  • Janice Gelb, Edwina Harvey, Paul Kincaid, Dave Langford, Dave Locke (for the late Jackie Causgrove), Roman Orszanski, Joyce Scrivner, Alan Stewart, and Bob Tucker who have provided documents and/or ‘reprint’ permissions (though not all items are yet on the site.)


Building this site I began to notice a whole lot of useless information about Fan Funds. To share in this trivia click here.


…you may wish to make a donation to one of these funds. Fan Funds exist solely due to generosity of fandom. Any donation you may make would be gratefully appreciated and put to good use.

Alternately, you may wish to purchase an item or two that are being sold to benefit the various Funds.


DUFF’s Offical website.
The Australasian Fan Fund Live Journal.
Dave Langford’s TAFF website.
FANAC’s Fan History website.
Bill Burns’ eFanzines website.
Guy & Rosy Lillian’s 2004 DUFF race website and 2005 DUFF race website.
Janice Gelb’s DUFF website covers the 2000 and 2001 DUFF Races.
Norman Cates DUFF website covers the 2009 DUFF Race.
Jean Weber’s and Eric Lindsay’s GUFF website.


Previous iterations of this website can be found at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.


This doesn’t have anything to do with Aussie Fan Funds, but if you want to purchase some good fanzines and help out a good fan check out this page.

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